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This document provides an example of what a One-Page Memo should look like if
you want to receive credit for the assignment. Notice the headings. When you
 You will address it to me in the “TO” line
 You will include your full name in the “FROM” line
 You will insert the day you post your assignment in the “DATE” line
 You will insert Memo 1, or Memo 2, or Memo 3, or Memo 4 in the “RE”
line, whichever is the correct title for the assignment.
Memos are single space – watch out – some word processing programs actually use
1.15 spaces when you click on single space, so correct that. The business convention
is that there is a one-inch margin on all sides: top, bottom, right side, left side. In
addition, business convention holds that you use 12 point font, unless creating a
table or chart (where a 10 point font is permitted). This memo you are reading
shows the correct formatting and type size.
Business convention holds that there are NO indentations for the start of a new
paragraph. As shown here, there is a double space between the paragraphs of this
When you write, be clear and concise. Business uses the active voice, not the
passive. If you do not know or remember what this is, look it up! Do not use the
word ‘utilize’ unless you are writing to someone in the military.
A business memo is a formal document, so do not use contractions (e.g. ‘can’t), use
the long forms (cannot). Instead of phrasal verbs (e.g. show up), use non-phrasal
verbs (appear, arrive). Avoid you when generalizing (specify the group of people
you are referencing, e.g. customers); avoid big (substitute major, large),
thing (identify the “thing” by name), do, make, get (specify the action verb).
Grammar and punctuation matter, so proof-read your document. Spellcheck misses
many mistakes.

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