[Solved]Explain more carefully objective v. interpretive propose a research project and describe how the theory might g

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This is an exam questions

First one is about family communication:
Write about 1)social exchange theory
Show a deeper understanding of the theories and how they relate to communication. Show the meaning of the theory (especially as it was originally constructed/thought of) and how it is used in communication specifically. And explain why that theory is most useful as a framework. (I will attach file about attachment theory and you can use other sources)

Second is about communication theory:
Discussion in detailed the standpoint theory. Especially in terms of describing what a marginalized group is and elaborating on the ‘so what’-what does standpoint theory provide us. Why is standpoint theory important, what do we get by using it, etc.
-Explain more carefully objective v. interpretive
propose a research project and describe how the theory might guide or inform that research. Develop the research project more thoroughly and relate it more explicitly to standpoint theory…note why standpoint theory is relevant and what we would hope to learn from this kind of project using this theory. (you can use the book website it’s very good http://www.afirstlook.com/book)

Third one is about organization communication:
-Be more specific and precise in your definition of institution. Your oral explanation (in which rules, values, practices were highlighted and you started to explain micro and macro) was clearer.
-Be more precise in your definition of profession (especially with regard to autonomy, etc)
-Be clearer about what institutional theory is, what it helps us understand.
-Explain how studying profession complicates our understandings of identification. Organizational identification should be defined. And then you should be able to explain how adding the idea of profession changes, adds to, or complicates that idea/concept.
-Give a better explanation (and set of examples) of theoretical implications of profession. And a better explanation of applications of profession.

Remember, we need to see a clear sense that you understand what communication as a discipline is, what theories are (both specifically and broadly), why we use theories, and that you can articulate these ideas.
(I will attach some articles for this question you have the chose to use it or use other sources)

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