[Solved]explain what a brand is which branding strategy will be used and why this was chosen. Explain the benefits of branding in my restaurant

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The following are the instructions for my marketing essay

First of all I need the language to be simple language as my second language is English so please I don’t want any complicated words and I want it to be simple

The report is about Marketing Portfolio

We must make up a restaurant and one product that will be sold

We will submit the report then we will be selling the product in the university

I made up a restaurant called “Edamame&More” and the product that I will be selling is edamame with different healthy dips

The report will include 11 paragraphs
I need an introduction

The first paragraph:
2 Marketing Objectives are defined and discussed in detail in terms of
1) Sales
2) Market share
3) Repeat business


The second paragraph:
Customer segmentation

1) Demographic : The demographic is the people that I will be selling for which are:-
18-23 Single- Married , Middle income, Muslim, Students , instructors , administration both female and male

2) Geographic:
The geographic is actually the location of the university and time of the day that I will sell the product there
Which is :-
Kuwait, Australian College of Kuwait, Winter time ( please write why im selling it in the winter because lots of people enjoy eating edamame in the winter while putting it in the microwave and enjoying it as a warm heathy snacks with different healthy dips)
Physographic: Middle class
A life style into health and people who enjoy healthy snacks

Behavioral and usage rate:
• To desire the benefits in Edamame Snack(mention the benefits which are for example that the edamame I use is freshly grown in our farm in AlAbdali Area in Kuwait so that’s healthy I don’t use any hormones or any artificial materials while growing the edamame and also you can makeup several benefits )
• Loyal to the brand
• Constantly buy from our brand
• Heavy uses

Primary&Secondary Markets

The third paragraph
is to explain the target market strategy in terms of Market aggregation
Which is that I will sell in one day, one time , one price , one product

The forth paragraph :
is describe how the product is positioned in the market compared to substitute products, examine competitors in the market and draft a positioning chart . explain in detail how the product is positioned in relation to the competitors. State clearly your products unique selling point.
-My competitors are “ OISHI” restaurant and “Umami” Restaurant
So im the best because it’s a healthy business and its something rare in Kuwait there is no business that sells daily fresh home produce Edamame the dips are cooked daily with no added preservatives and are continuously changing according to seasonal vegetables
My competitor “OISHI ” sells the Edamame but its not fresh its actually imported from the US and its frozen and the dips they use are high fat dips with mayonnaise and unhealthy ingredients and at the same time they sell it with a high price
My other competitor is “Umami Edamame”
They sell frozen edamame that is imported from China which expires after 1 year and that is because they add artificial ingredients that let it stay for a long time. And regarding their dips, they also use unhealthy ingredients and sell it with a high price
Also, my prices are high but at the same time with high quality ingredients as I’ve mentioned that I use daily fresh home produce edamame from our Farm in Kuwait and my dips are all freshly make with seasonal vegetables and our home made sauces.

The fifth paragraph:
is about customers needs and wants detailed and explained, and the decision-making process or influence is explained fully related to the business

The sixth paragraph:
is to discuss detailed information regarding the 3 levels of the product
Core (FOUR benefits)
Actual (FOUR features) Detail , size , brand , quality of product
Augmented 2 at least (after sales) specific to my product
The seventh paragraph:
is detail why packaging is requires for my product. Describe the materials and the function of the packaging as well as the reasoning for selecting it for the product
My packaging for the Edamame is a plastic box designed specifically for stuff that can be placed in the microwave to heat it. Because some people prefer to heat the edamame and the sauce The box is black and the cover is transparent. I will use two round mini plastic boxes with cover to place the dips in it and then place it with the edamame in the black and transparent box. Then I will place the logo in the center of the box with my slogan. The cover of the box is strong so the last of the edamame and the dip wont change and leak
Also you can make up more things from your mind for my packaging

The eighth paragraph
is detail why labeling is requires for my product
Detail why packaging is required for your product describe the materials and the function fuction of the packaging as well as the reasoning for selecting it for the product
Please makeup any labeling for my product for example the nutrtion facts and the calories and the grams and expiry date

The ninth paragraph
is about the company logo actually I will attatch the logo in this document and please make up ideas of why I chose the logo and the colors and the name

The tenth paragraph
is to explain what a brand is which branding strategy will be used and why this was chosen. Explain the benefits of branding in my restaurant.

And a conclusion please

Please make sure that you use simple English and makeup benefits and features of my product as im using EDAMAME with dips as my product