[Solved]Finding an antidote in the healthcare field-The final project should be eight pages in length and include a reference of all resource

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The final project should be eight pages in length and include a reference of all resources used. At least three sources should be from scholarly journals, e.g. Journal of Management, Journal of Marketing, or Harvard Business Review. This paper will be a research project that tests a hypothesis chosen by the student that can relate to the place of current employment or previous employment but may not include or involve human subjects directly.

The hypothesis should be a possible cause and effect relationship regarding a process, underlying assumption, or plan that is important to the business. It should not be too broad. The hypothesis must be approved by the instructor by the end of the third week of class. The research process of planning, data sampling, collection and data evaluation should be described. The type of study should be defined and justified. Collect a small representative data sample. Fifteen is the recommended sample size. The data can be collected from observations, surveys, or historical records. The data results should be summarized and displayed and a brief analysis should be included. Use appropriate descriptive or inferential statistics.

The general topic I chose is SERVICE QUALITY IMPROVEMENT
This is what I have sent to the professor and he has agreed
For many years now, there have been low patient attendances to the Harlem Hospital leading to the company inability to make profit. This research will explore the possible elements which have led to such a dysfunctional and lower public patronage.

Hypothesis: If the internal structure of Harlem Hospital is modified, it will attract more clients to increase revenue up to 70%. By incorporating proper inventory control, procurement, supervision and hierarchy, the company will meet clients’ expectation.

• If possible, provide a context of a first-person experience where you saw this academic concept in operation. Do not simulate third-party statements of experience.
• Readdress the concept and the experience with critical thought. That is, what is your response to the content, either positive or negative, and then defend your position. If multiple options/alternatives/positions are present and are being rejected you must also defend the reasons for rejecting an option.
• Must conclude with a restatement of the thesis and a conclusion paragraph.
• Must use APA style as outlined in the approved APA style guide to document all sources.
• Must include, on the final page, a Reference List that is completed according to APA style as outlined in the approved APA style guide.

You are NOT to do primary, human subject research on people for this project. The data (a minimum of 15 pieces of data) needs to come from secondary data that someone else has collected. That could be internal data collected from your workplace from previous reports or some published set of primary data that can be found at the library or even online.

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